New Album: „Superhero Landing“ Mark Jenkins and special guests

MODULAR SESSIONS 20: „Superhero Landing“ Mark Jenkins and special guests

BERND-MICHAEL LAND pictures „Cliff Steele: Robotman“ from „Doom Patrol“ in throbbing mechanical-sounding sequences.
BERT „PHROZENLIGHT“ HÜLSHOFF takes the role of DC’s „Aquaman“ with mysterious underwater sounds.
MARK JENKINS delivers „Black Panther: Requiem“ in a barrage of electro drums, analog sequences and battle cries,
 and „The Punisher“, a rocking up-tempo synthesizer affair like Tangerine Dream’s „Streethawk“ theme or Chris Franke’s solo music.
TROND GJELLUM becomes „Antman“ in a flurry of interlocking synthesizer patterns.
MOONYA returns to Modular Sessions with an Ultravox-style slice of electro-pop „Scarlet Witch“
PETE OXY pictures ancient and arcane secrets of the mysterious „Doctor Strange“.

The CD closes with „Triskelion“, from a live stream concert by MARK JENKINS depicting the three-winged HQ of „The Avengers“.
This epic 27-minute track in three long rhythmic and melodic sections is one for lovers of Tangerine Dream’s „Poland“ and „White Eagle“, or the solo work of Johannes Schmoelling.
As usual this issue is limited to 100 numbered copies.
And if you don’t know what a Superhero Landing looks like, check out the extracts video on YouTube –
MODULAR SESSIONS 20: „Superhero Landing“ Mark Jenkins and special guests AMP-CD090
with Bernd-Michael Land – Cliff Steele: Robotman (4.17)
with Bert Hulshoff – Aquaman (5.42)
Black Panther: Requiem (9.54)
with Trond Gjellum – Antman (5.27)
The Punisher (5.25)
with Moonya – Scarlet Witch (5.48)
with Pete Oxy – Doctor Strange (3.58)
Triskelion (27.38)
TRT 69 mins
AVAILABLE FROM CD SERVICES (UK and worldwide), Groove (NL) and Cue (DE).
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