09.03.2022 -Bernd Michael Land / Interview (Part II)

09.03.2022 -Bernd Michael Land / Interview mit Rofilm-Media (Part 2)
This series of talks with successful and interesting people from the music-sound-producer-promoter scene has the motto “Learning about and learning from”.
Rolf´s guest is the German electronic musician, composer and sound artist Bernd-Michael Land.

Content and Timeline of Part 2:
0:00:00 Working With Tape Recorders
0:00:05 Tape Simulation Software
0:01:30 Studio Organisation and Studio Technique
0:03:04 … in music is everything allowed …
0:04:17 Text, Music And Politics
0:07:13 “Begegnungen” – Encounters
0:08:23 Day Job vs. Fulltime Musician
0:11:40 How to Start Making Music Today?
0:15:39 Downloads vs. CDs and Total Works of Art
0:21:24 What about Cassette?

please also watch Part I

Born on June 11th 1954 he is one of the German electronic musicians of the first hour.

He has been composing and producing since the early 1970, has played keyboards in diverse German bands, and was even a member of a street theatre society in Frankfurt.

He´s not only an excellent and influential artist, who has to be named together with musicians like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and others, but he is also known for his social and political awareness.

In addition to electronic instruments, he also uses traditional acoustic instruments and even field recordings and real world sounds in his productions.

“Bernie” as he allows friends to call him, is too much an artist to limit himself to just one certain musical style. His works cover
Ambient, New Age, Berlin School style, Chillout, Bioacoustic, Soundscapes, sonic arts and more.

He has won a number of awards for his musical works, but also for his graphic arts, for example on CD booklets, which he has designed.

Rofilm Media to get more.


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